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Infection PreventionTakeAway™ Mail-Away Medication Disposal Containers

Safely Dispose of Expired and Unwanted Medications

  • Convenient turnkey solution includes prepaid shipping (via UPS) and regulated disposal - all instructions are included
  • Keeps unwanted medications out of our water system, the environment, and out of the wrong hands
  • Leakproof plastic lined box
  • Accepts medication cards, vials and liquids (up to 4 oz. each and sealed in a plastic zip bag)
  • Accepts controlled substances (box is not intended for used sharps or medical waste)
  • Two convenient slots which do not allow easy hand access to box contents: 1. Rectangular slot for blister packs 2. Round slot for pill bottles and individual drugs
  • No hidden costs or fees: simply fill and send back at your convenience for incineration
  • Environmentally friendly! Keeps meds out of the environment, and the box contains 25% post-consumer waste

10 Gallon (maximum filled weight: 15 lbs.)
Item #: SCTA129100
Quantity: 1 ea/cs
Dimensions: 14.25"L x 14.25"W x 12.75"H

20 Gallon (maximum filled weight: 25 lbs.)
Item #: SCTA129200
Quantity: 1 ea/cs
Dimensions: 14.25"L x 14.25"W x 26.5"H

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