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Biohazard Spill
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Infection PreventionBio-Wipe Bag

  • Quick, Economical Clean-Up for Biohazardous Spills
  • All-in-One absorbent wipe and heavy-duty bag
  • Bag features adhesive seal to ensure total containment
  • Instructions clearly printed on bag
  • Infection PreventionIntegral ambidextrous mitt inside bag

Item #: MLBM015111
Quantity: 10 ea/bx, 10 bx/cs

Easy to Use!

  1. Put gloves on both hands. Insert gloved hand into the built-in ambidextrous mitt inside the Bio-Wipe Bag.

  2. Wipe up the substance with the white absorbent towel side of the bag.

  3. Pull the bag (absorbed with the substance) inside out.

  4. Peel the white adhesive strip off the red bag. Seal and dispose of in a properly labeled biohazardous waste container.

Infection PreventionEcono Emergency Spill Kit

  • Quick, simple and economical
  • Complies with OSHA guidelines
  • Contents of kit:
    • 1 ea Bio-Wipe Bag™
    • 1 ea 2 oz. Cavicide Disinfectant Spray
    • 2 ea Nitrile Gloves
    • 1 ea Heavy Duty Towelette
    • 1 ea Isagel Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
    • 1 ea Instruction Sheet, printed in ENGLISH AND SPANISH!

Item #: KIT BMW
Quantity: 10 ea/cs

Infection PreventionStandard Emergency Spill Kit

Essential For Cleaning Up Any Biohazard Spill!

  • Contents of kit:
    • 1 ea Barrier Gown
    • 2 ea Blue Non-Skid Shoe Covers
    • 1 ea Blue Bouffant Head Protector
    • 1 ea Absorbent Towelette
    • 1 ea Fluid Shield® Mask w/ wraparound Splashguard® visor
    • 2 ea Nitrile Gloves
    • 1 ea Super Sani-Cloth Disinfectant Wipe
    • 1 ea Biohazard Red Infectious Waste Bag, 10 gal.
    • 1 ea Red-Z Liquid-to-Gel converter
    • 1 ea Bio Clean-up Scooper w/Scraper
    • 1 ea Antimicrobial Hand Towelette
    • Instruction sheet

Item #: KIT B
Quantity: 10 ea/cs

Infection PreventionRed-Z Spill Control Solidifier

Fast, Effective Way to Solidify Body Fluid Spills

  • Solidifies and deodorizes water-based spills, including potentially infectious, biohazardous blood and bodily fluids
  • Cost-effective clean-up solution
  • Easy to use! Solid crystals eliminate splashing and allow for controlled distribution onto the spill
  • Three convenient sizes - single use packet, shaker canister and bulk pail

Single Use Packets Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier, 0.75 oz
Item #: STRZ140109
Quantity: 288 ea/cs

Shaker Canister Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier, 5 oz
Item #: STRZ140101
Quantity: 24 ea/cs

Bulk Pail Red-Z Spill Control Solidifier, 3.5 lbs./56 oz
Item #: STRZ140115
Quantity: 1 ea/cs


Infection PreventionBio Clean-Up Scooper and Scraper

Combination Scooper/Scraper Helps Clean Up Spills

  • Convenient bio clean-up Scooper features a disposable plastic scoop and detachable scraper to easily clean up absorbed spills

Item #: SBCS140170
Quantity: 50 ea/bx, 6 bx/cs

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