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Infection Prevention

Indicator Room Flags

Indicator Room Flags-
Primary Colors

Indicator Flags are GREAT for letting staff know the status of your exam rooms!

  • Offered in 2, 4, 6, and 8 primary flag color combinations
  • These exam room Indicator Flags are the only signals that conform to BOTH ADA and ANSI standards
  • Infection Prevention Easy mounting with 2 screws included in package
  • 3 inches to 7 inches in length (2 flags to 8 flags)

Item #s:
2-Flag Primary: DRSP024601
4-Flag Primary: DRSP024602
6-Flag Primary: DRSP024603
8-Flag Primary: DRSP024604
Quantity: 1 flag set/bag

Infection PreventionIndicator Room Flags-
Contemporary Colors

Item #'s:
2-Flag Contemporary: DRSC024501
dark green/beige
4-Flag Contemporary: DRSC024502
dark green/beige/ navy/gray
6-Flag Contemporary: DRSC024503
dark green/beige/ navy/gray/ berry/white
8-Flag Contemporary: DRSC024504
dark green/beige/ navy/gray/ berry/white/ sea spray/pink
Quantity: 1 flag set/bag

Infection PreventionIndicator Room Flags -
Integrated Suite Colors

Item #'s:
2-Flag Integrated Suite Colors: D2CF024132
4-Flag Integrated Suite Colors: D4CF024134
6-Flag Integrated Suite Colors: D6CF024136
8-Flag Integrated Suite Colors: D8CF024138
Quantity: 1 flag set/bag

CUSTOM Indicator Room Flags

CUSTOM FLAG OPTIONS ALSO AVAILABLE! You choose the color and color order of the flags!

Item #s:
CUSTOM 2-Flag: D2CI024132
CUSTOM 4-Flag: D4CI024134
CUSTOM 6-Flag: D6CI024136
CUSTOM 8-Flag: D8CI024138
Quantity: 1 flag set/bag

Specify colors and color order at the time of order.
Please note that custom flags cannot be returned.

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