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Customizable ProTection Kits

Infection Prevention KitAsep-Pak™ Customizable
Prepackaged Disposables

Prepackaged collection of disposable barrier and personal protective equipment items used to enhance infection control in the dental treatment room (DTR). (Reference Project 94-74S by USAF Dental Investigation Service.)

DTR set up is facilitated because everything needed is in the kit. This reduces the chance that the assistant will forget a barrier or other item which would necessitate ungloving and regloving, thereby interrupting patient care. These paks are beneficial in dental clinics that use a central sterilization system; disbursement of DTR materials are made with ease.

  • Enhances aseptic technique in the DTR.
  • Reduces multiple packaging for different quantities.
  • Reduces storage space in the DTR.
  • Standardizes preparation of the DTR; facilitates training in the DTR setup.
  • Supply only needs to order one item instead of multiple items with individual surcharges.

Customization of paks is available. To receive a quote on your customized Patient Pak, indicate your selection on the blank Patient Pak form below then Email this form for a quote.

ASEP-PAK Premium and Hygiene Patient Paks (Non-Sterile)
First and Last Name*
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Enter amounts of products needed in your kit
Patient Bib
Saliva Ejector
2"x2" Gauze
4"x4" Gauze
Cotton Tipped Applicators
HVE Evacuator Top
Earloop Facemask
Cotton Rolls
Headrest Cover
Half Chair Cover
Extra Large Chair Cover
Delivery System Cover
Air/Water Syringe Cover
Tubing Covers
Lite Handle Covers
Barrier Film Sheets
Waste Bag - Infectious
Do you have any other specific requests for your custom Patient Pak?


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